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The date of the CONCACAF Nations League is approaching, and the coach of the national football team, Pablo Eller Sanchez, has called up 32 players to form the main team.

This call features 14 footballers who play in the leagues in Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, USA, Brazil, Spain, England, Italy, Dominican Republic and Norway. The rest of the team comes from playing the recently concluded inaugural tournament.

Among the new faces who could wear the Cuban shirt for the first time are Santiago goalkeeper Alfredo Lopez, and midfielders Lazaro Abalé and Jose Perez, along with Pedro Bravo of Artemis. Other names who have called the fans into preparations have been called, such as Via hurdle Clara Robertni Caballero, Cienfuegos midfielder Nicer Sandu and forwards Cristian Flores (Santiago de Cuba) and Yasnay ​​Rivero (Artemisa), these are the last two of the best players in the opening.

Of course, being satisfied with the invitation is almost impossible, considering that there are about 50 personalities who offered advantages to represent Cuba. Experienced footballers such as forwards Ruslan Batista, of Granma, and Avellanian Sander “Kiko” Fernandez, who can contribute to the young values, did not get the grade on this call. Nor goalkeeper Raico Arosarina, defender Sandro Coutino and striker York Gonzalez.

Everything seems to indicate that the Cuban coaching staff has already identified a central column featuring goalkeepers Sandy Sanchez and Nelson Johnston, defenders Carlos Vazquez, Modesto Mendes (now absent through injury) and Yucel Pedra. Karel Espino, Daeron Reyes, Archil Hernandez and Luis Paradella barely move in midfield. As for attacking, Marcel Hernandez, O’Neil Hernandez and William Pozo are perfectly safe bets.

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The rest of the team may continue to struggle with some variation on every call made into the future, and that should usually happen. Now is the time to create a positive environment in which there is a strong competition for the degree with the first team.

If this team can develop a good preparation and is free of injuries, they will be able to look forward to a good result in the first dates of the CONCACAF Nations League.

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