Cuba takes measures to tackle tropical storm amid COVID-19

HAVANA, July 2 (Prensa Latina) Cuba today adopts measures to minimize the potential damage that Tropical Storm Elsa may cause, in the midst of a situation complicated by Covid-19.

The main authorities of the Caribbean country indicated the previous day that they updated and implemented all disaster risk reduction plans, with a special focus on the area of ​​​​evacuating people, to avoid large gatherings and overcrowding in the midst of the pandemic.

According to a forecast from the Island Meteorological Institute, the event could begin to be felt in the eastern part of the country from Saturday night and Sunday morning, and heavy rains are expected as part of its progression across the national territory.

All of this happens when Covid-19 infection rates have increased in all counties in the last 15 days, and the Community Transmission Phase Ordinance enforces stricter provisions to stem the contagion.

In the midst of this scenario, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero directed the preparation of the national electricity system to provide as much vitality as possible to the basic centers of the economy and services, especially to health facilities linked to confronting the pandemic.

He also insisted that the brigades be ready to solve electricity and water malfunctions, as well as provide fuel reserves.

In the face of the potential impact of a tropical storm, enterprises have begun to protect material resources, clean gutters and sewers, and adopt other general measures provided for in these cases.

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