Cuba seeks to solve the problem of its citizens stranded in Russia

Havana, March 19. The authorities of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall take appropriate steps to find a solution to the immigration situation in the Republic of Cuba. Citizens Stranded in Russia as a result of the military conflict in Ukraine, said today Ernesto Soberon, Director General of Consular Affairs and Cubans Residents Abroad (MINRIX).

In a series of tweets, Soberon indicated that as part of consular assistance, a solution is being sought to put Cubans on the verge of overstaying their authorized stay.

“As part of the consular assistance, steps are being taken with the relevant authorities to search for a solution to the immigration status of Cubans who are on the verge of exceeding the authorized period of stay, it was published.

According to him, due to the cancellation of flights between Cuba and Russia, the Cuban Consulate in Moscow is in contact with the Russian authorities and airlines, with the aim of supporting citizens who are in that country temporarily and who have not been able to. to come back.

Among the sanctions imposed by the United States, Canada and European countries, in retaliation for the military operation launched by Russia against Ukraine, is the closure of the airspace of those countries to Russian airlines, which made the operations of those companies very difficult. .

Cuba expressed at the emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly that it will continue to advocate a serious, constructive and realistic diplomatic solution to the current crisis in Europe by peaceful means, ensuring the security and sovereignty of all. As well as peace, stability and regional and international security.

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