Cuba denounces the omission of important issues at the Summit of the Americas

According to Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernandez de Cosio, the meeting scheduled for June will not discuss issues such as racism, women’s rights and marginalization.

The government representative said that discussion of inequality in access to health services, nor the impact of coercive measures on states, would not be on the agenda.

According to the Deputy Secretary of State, Washington’s official position is that there are no invitations for anyone yet for the meeting scheduled in Los Angeles, but the intention is to exclude Cuba from the summit.

The possible omission of the island, along with the omission of Venezuela and Nicaragua, sparked outrage and prompted several governments in the region to announce their absence from the meeting if the hosts insisted on the claim.

I hope President Joe Biden corrects and invites everyone to the Summit of the Americas, the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said recently.

Fern├índez de Cosio emphasized on the Mesa Redonda TV show that “if a country does not have the capacity to guarantee the participation of all, it should not assume the obligation to hold a summit in its territory”.

As commented in that space, the United States maintains a policy of hostility toward Cuba, aimed at changing the social and economic order, isolating the Caribbean nation in the international arena, and promoting an ongoing campaign to discredit it.

Last Monday, Washington announced putative flexibility measures with Havana, such as the lifting of restrictions on transfers, the reauthorization of so-called interpersonal travel, and a family reunification program, all of which were suspended by the Donald Trump administration (2017-2021). ).

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Regular and chartered flights to Cuban provinces will also be resumed, consular services at its embassy in Havana and other items will be expanded.

These measures are considered a “limited step in the right direction”, as they do not modify the more than six-decade-old US embargo, nor the “fraudulent inclusion in the list of state sponsors of terrorism.” compressed.

He added that they had not amended most of the coercive maximum pressure provisions in force since the Trump administration, which had had a significant impact on the Cuban people.

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