Cuba celebrates World Health Day with well-defined policies

Havana-. Today, Cuba celebrates World Health Day by designing well-defined policies to limit the effects of environmental changes on people’s well-being and identifying existing problems.

This came in a meeting held between a group of experts and journalists in the capital, regarding the celebration of the event commemorating the 74th anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization, whose campaign focuses on the effects of climate. Crisis on the man.

According to Ileana Morales, the national director for science and technology innovation at the Ministry of Public Health, the nation has government programs that address the problem with an emphasis on prevention and risk reduction.

He said that Mission Life, for example, is a country’s plan to tackle climate change that has health among its components.

He pointed out that actions in the health field to provide shelter for this strategy focus on 12 basic areas, including environmental health, epidemiology, disease vector control, scientific and technological innovation, and medical education.

He also emphasized that its guidelines seek to improve the epidemiological surveillance system to facilitate the prediction of epidemics.

For her part, Odalys Goicochea, Director-General of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma), revealed that among the main problems to be faced on the island are soil degradation, biodiversity loss, and impacts in forest cover and noise.

He said that work is also underway to design measures to reverse the deteriorating sanitary and sanitary conditions in human settlements.

Goicochea argued that Citma is working to provide solutions to existing difficulties, and the whole process of improving this system in the country is based on this.

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One of the priority actions already identified, seeks to reduce the negative environmental impact of the individual in cities and urban areas, paying particular attention to phenomena related to air quality, noise pollution, effluent treatment and management of solid and solid materials. other waste.

For this year, the motto chosen to accompany the celebration of April 7th is Our Planet, Our Health.

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