Cuba celebrates World Health Day in style

Havana. – the garden Metropolitano de la Habana was Thursday’s venue for the World Health Day national event.

More than 200 people gathered there, including health workers, athletes, students and people in general.

They were accompanied by the representative of the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization in Cuba, Dr. José Moya. also from dr. Adanis Tabouda, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Environment. and National Director of Mensap Epidemiology, Francisco Duran.

“The activity was aimed at making Cubans aware of today’s environmental care, working for clean air, safe water and healthy food, which our planet’s health today requires,” he said. He hits Georgina Rosales, Inder’s Community Physical Activity Specialist.

Music, dance and football games prevailed in the day that continued in those that were developed from 2 April for the International Day of Physical Activity and Health, also at the suggestion of the World Health Organization, Inder and MINSAP.

As then, Sanabanda closed with plenty of music and dance activities in Havana’s Metropolitan Park, where the Alejandro García Catorla and San Alejandro schools had a large role in the cultural moments.

Similar responses to the call were received in the country’s municipalities and mountainous regions.

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