Cuba celebrates victory in the United Kingdom at the Playa Girón – Prinsa Latina

Pakistani-born writer and journalist Tariq Ali said in a hypothetical conversation organized by the Cuban Solidarity Campaign (CSC) in Girón, it was not only the army and police that confronted the invaders, but also the popular militia. United kingdom.

Ali pointed out that the rapid defeat of the Cuban forces in less than 72 hours on the 1500 mercenaries who were equipped, trained and financed by the American government, showed to the world the strength and popularity of the revolutionary process led by Fidel Castro in the greatest of the Antilles.

The historian and film director also considered that the failed attempt to overthrow the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution in April 1961 was the beginning of Washington’s longest war against any country, referring to armed aggression and the commercial and financial blockade, among others. Since then, unilateral measures have been promoted against the Caribbean island.

From Cuba, veteran revolutionary fighter Victor Drake, the fighting companion in Africa of Argentine Cuban guerrilla leader Ernesto Che Guevara, pointed out that the victory of Playa Girón showed the peoples of Latin America that North America could be. Defeated on the battlefield, and that the Cuban Revolution was truly indomitable.

The Caribbean island’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Barbara Montalvo, for her part, said that other than representing the first defeat of Yankee imperialism in America, this achievement determined the fate of the nascent political process that began with the overthrow of tyranny. Of Fulgencio Batista by the Rebel Army in 1959.

The Cuban diplomat in Girón noted that we have learned not to be afraid of an enemy, no matter how strong he is.

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