Criticisms rain down on El Rubius and more streamers per clip on Twitch’s decline

A video has gone viral on social networks over the past few hours. In it, we see broadcast celebrities like El Rubius and Juan Garnizo talking about the decline of Twitch. They ensure that the content is repetitive, that there is no fantasy and that the good times of the platform are in the past.

Unsurprisingly, this led to a wave of criticism towards the streamers, who are known to have millions of subscribers on various platforms, including Twitch. The community attacked his opinion, believing that these operators were blinded by their fame and the content they usually consume.

In light of this, El Rubius came to his defense and criticized the clip circulating on social networks. From his point of view, everything is out of context, so it does not fully reflect the true opinion of stream organizers regarding Twitch. Below you can watch the video in question:

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The community is raising its voice against criticism of cool streamers to Twitch

As you can see, streamers criticize the lack of originality and quality on Twitch. They claim that it has become a platform for drama of all kinds and that both content creators and communities bear the blame.

“What has become of Twitch? In reactions Andrés, salseo Gustavo. Where was that sweet time? Where we all played and had fun, “heard El Rubius, one of the streamers who received the most criticism after the clip went viral.

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The Twitch community has raised their voices against all statements and confirmed that the platform has very innovative creators who deserve it. They also noted that not everyone is in for drama and non-fictional content.

Some content creators have even shared a piece of their work to show that the vision of great content creators is wrong. There are also users who believe that it is precisely the big streamers who perpetuate this content that they criticize so much. For all of this, the Twitch community has asked viewers to pay more attention to small channels, where variety and quality are at hand.

Rubeus did not hesitate to stand up for himself

As we told you, El Rubius received a lot of criticism and wasn’t happy with the video. Because of this, he used his Twitter account to defend himself and point out that the statements are out of context. Ebay answered him and they talked sarcastically about it.

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“Tiktoker takes 3-second clips from an 8-hour broadcast and puts dramatic music in the background for added effect, people and other streamers interact and give their opinions without seeing anything else. This is exactly what I was referring to. Clown Party,” wrote L. Rubios.

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In this link you can find all the news related to the live broadcast.

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