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Cristian Cueva is currently affiliated with the Alianza Lima team. Image: LR Genesis/The Republic

Christian Keef, A well-known football player both inside and outside Peruvian territory, he has established himself as one of the few sportsmen who have managed to forge an enviable career. Pamela López’s husband also has the distinction of being one of the most beloved chosen ones by fans, so his life has always been in the public eye.

Although some aspects of Christian Cueva are well known, there are some distinguishing features of him which are real unknown to a large part of the audience, but cause a lot of curiosity. One of them is your shoe number. We tell you what it really is in the next note.

How much wears Christian Cueva Peruvian national team player?

The footballer whose full name is Cristian Alberto Cueva Bravo is from Trujillo by birth and is currently 31 years old. He made his debut at the age of 16 in the Sporting Club Universidad San Martín de Porís.

“Aladdin”, as he is nicknamed, has a height of 1.69 meters. He revealed during an interview with Andrés Hurtado for the Because Today Saturday with Andrés program broadcast by Tele Deportes, that he wore 39.

Cristian Cueva, though a little confused, answered the question posed by Andres Hurtado. Image: LR Genesis/The Republic

Depending on your exact shoe size, some rough estimates can be made. For example, your feet measure approximately 25cm and would be a UK and US size 6 and 6.5 respectively.

Christian Cueva shares photos with his family on social networks. Photo: LR Composition / Luis Jiménez / La República / Instagram capture

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Christian Cueva joined Pamela Lopez in 2019. They both have three young children. As of today, the Blanquirroja striker has signed with the Alianza Lima national team.

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