Creed 3: Sylvester Stallone happy with the movie’s story

Sylvester Stallone thinks so Third Creed Tell an interesting story And expanding the rocky universe in a whole new direction. Different to the usual. The film project, which he is no longer a part of, seeks to tell a new story unrelated to the hero of the original 1976 film and its subsequent saga, in which a young boxer ends up becoming a heavyweight champion when he faces off against the steadfast Apollo. Creed (Karl Withers). The actor said his time in the epic is over but Are you happy with the way the story is being told? And so he shared it (goes ScreenRant).

A different story to endure the saga rocky s Believe to new directions

Yes, Stallone has always been the director and creative director behind this epic rockyso immersed in the restoration Rocky 4 With a new montage, but the actor, writer, and director announced that it was all over in 2015 Creed, the film centered around the son of Apollo Creed, Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) And his rise to become a boxing champion. Both the first film and its sequel were box office success, and Stallone decided to move on to other projects such as Mercenaries 4 And recently announced king of tulsa.

The actor who praised Michael B Jordan’s bravery when raising this projectchatted with him meter About Paramount+’s UK launch, explained while Not involved in script or performance Third Creedstill Producer From the movie he is aware of the story. And yes, he finds it more than interesting. “I think the movie has taken a different direction than usual. And it’s so much fun. I wish you all the best and continue to make a huge impact.”The actor commented.

distance Believe the original Transfer of powers And Rocky’s relationship with Adonis effectively. Stallone actually defended this change of narrativeBecause Rocky, who had his own Arc de Triomphe hitting the Cancer, gave all he had to give in and get out of the ring. The 75-year-old actor made it clear that heroes deserve too rest time And that his character will never appear again. However, his support for Creed, darling of Michelle B.

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