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“The Confederation of African Football invites the media to participate in the launch of the candidacy of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay as organizers of the 2030 FIFA World Cup.”

The tweet published by the official account of the Uruguayan Football Association on Wednesday, while everyone is already thinking about the Qatar 2022 tournament, which appears around the corner. Two additions have been attached: On the other hand, a request for press accreditation for the event to be held on Tuesday 2 August at the Centenario Stadium in Montevideo.

On the other hand, one flyer (Digital image) She gave details of the invitation under the slogan “2030 Together, 100 Years”. This means that candidacy, at least for the Sharras, is a serious matter.

It seems a little dangerous are two cases. On the one hand, how big an event can our country think, for reasons of general knowledge. Or is it necessary to clarify the subject of the economic and financial crisis, the crisis of inflation and the dollar through the roof? All issues, the gas pipeline not completed and the poverty of 50 percent of the population, this does not allow us to look beyond the upcoming opening of the markets in Argentina. On the other hand, the supposed massive organization of the biggest tournament show on the planet has to be jointly planned by four nations. One of them, ours.


Such an adventure

The truth is that they don’t make you want to consider such an adventure at this time. But there are those who do it. In recent days, a hearing has been held to start work on the matter, in which Sports Minister Matias Lamens participated, along with his counterparts from Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. It’s true that we still have eight years to go, but thinking of it as a tangible possibility also seems crazy.

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Today, none of the four stadiums nominated for these payments have the infrastructure that FIFA is seeking to stage the World Cup. Here are the details that will put the handbrake on the illusion of some South American leaders: Spain and Portugal, jointly, announced their intention to win the 2030 World Cup.

Other countries follow the same path with the idea of ​​a collective application: Morocco – Algeria – Tunisia, Morocco – Libya – Algeria – Mauritania and the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). In short, what’s new now is to share the passion event of the masses.

In fact, the 2026 World Cup will be organized between Mexico, the United States and Canada. The reason being, the lucky ones who could attend the rendezvous would have to travel too much, to move from one stadium to another. For example, Guadalajara and Toronto, two cities that will provide stadiums for the occasion, are separated by 3,384 kilometers by air. The journey by car takes more than 39 hours.

Distances aside, the ace that romantics play for these payouts is a number. This is just, a memory, a memory. It happens that the first World Cup in history, in case no one remembers, was held in Uruguay in 1930. It will be a hundred years in eight years. And that’s it. Looks like a weak argument from a Third world Perhaps you should consider other issues.

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