Crazy in UK with Manic Monday song

Almost five months later, since its public opening at Christmas, shops, non-essential stores, restaurants, bars or pubs have reopened in what is known as Monday Obsession. The streets of London have dawned full of people eager to enjoy a day much like the old usual. There is talk of an unprecedented number compared to other years.

Although the day began with warnings of rain, snow or low temperatures, nothing stopped the British from taking to the streets to take advantage of the easing of restrictions typical of a pandemic. Libraries, gyms, breweries, beauty salons, parks, zoos, etc. Everyone managed to reopen it since last midnight from Sunday to Monday.

Because the No-Dine-In Bar or Restaurant arrangement is still in effect until May 17th, Outdoor terraces have become a familiar place collectively, with all rooftop or garden supplies exhausted. Until that date, the internal ban extends to recreation, lodging, or team sports as well.

Queues at the doors of the store before dawn

Madness Monday Obsession I got that far Shoppers and consumers have been queuing since before dawn to enter stores and businesses deemed superfluous, Which has been unable to open since January 5, when the siege or the third closure began. It is estimated that close to two million people will visit London’s stores today.

Hairdressers, for example, were others back to workAmong his clients, Boris Johnson has drawn attention. In this case, it was your stylist who stopped by Downing Street.

Another sector that has been revived is a sector Hotels, which closed in early November and only had a two-week break in December. From early in the morning they started serving the first clients.

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Reservations sold out in bars and restaurants

“Basically, we’re crammed everywhere. The reservations are unprecedented. I’ve never seen anything like this throughout my years in the restaurant business.”D & D London, CEO of fine dining group D&D London, explains: Daily Evening standard.

This group has it Over 100,000 people have confirmed reservations for the next five weeks Until the interiors are reopened. “We are running an ongoing service. There is no separate lunch and dinner. It was the only way we could fulfill the demand“, Add.

Crazy spread in the suburbs of the capital city. Bars and restaurants have extraordinary reservations, in the thousands, given the UK’s diverse climate This can affect the external stands.

“You have Over 5,000 reservations for the first month of opening, which is great. We are very excited. “Our challenge is the British climate,” says Tom Hilletwell. Evening standard. Our Garden Bar is now fully full until May 22ndJimmy Kerr, General Manager of Mama Shelter London adds.

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