Covid-19: The United Kingdom records 519 more deaths from the Corona virus, and 21,502 cases of infection | UK News

The United Kingdom has reported 519 more coronavirus-related deaths and 21,502 cases.

It is a significant increase last Saturday, when 15,539 cases were recorded, along with 397 related deaths.

On Friday, the deaths reported in the UK were also lower at 424, while cases were broadly the same at 21,672.

The total Coronavirus deaths in the UK are now 64,025.

Most of the 440 deaths reported on Saturday occurred in England, 39 in Scotland, 31 in Wales and 9 in Northern Ireland.

The average daily infection case in the UK for seven days is 17,855 today – up from 15,308 cases on Saturday. In terms of deaths, the average is 432, up slightly from 428 this time last week.

The increase in cases comes with the range of R number in the country Slightly rose To an estimated 0.9-1.0, from 0.8-1.0 the previous week.

A number above 1 means the outbreak is increasing, and below 1 means it is shrinking.

The Emergencies Scientific Advisory Group (SAGE) said Friday that it is not confident that R is less than 1 in all English regions, especially in London and parts of the southeast.

She also said the data more accurately represented the average situation over the past few weeks rather than the present.

A long-awaited review of the levels system in England takes place on Wednesday amid speculation that some areas such as London may move to the more restrictive Level 3.

The first wave of Level 3 areas To quickly perform mass transformation tests for people without symptoms.

The scheme has been successfully piloted in Liverpool and will now be expanded across England as a key part of the government’s injury control plan.

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Meanwhile, the Pfizer / BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is scheduled to be rolled out in GP surgeries within days.

From Tuesday People will be able to receive the vaccine at the GP’s clinicA week after the first vaccines were approved in hospitals across the UK.

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