COVID-19: San Marcos will request a vaccination for medical science students and teachers | News

The president-elect of the National University of Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM), Jerry Ramon Rovner, indicated that she would require a COVID-19 vaccination for all students and teachers of medical sciences and emphasized the goal of implementing an oxygen station at the university’s clinic.

In an interview with Andean Up-to-date from Andina Online ChannelAnd the She informed that she will ask the Ministry of Health (Minsa) to prioritize the vaccination program so that the students can start their pre-professional practices in different hospitals.

Likewise, he considered the necessity of opening laboratories that are currently closed due to the pandemic. San Marcos contributes to a series of community research projects. We have several projects about to emerge.”

The university’s first female president recalled the short-term goal of acquiring an oxygen station and integrating 20 emergency beds into the university clinic, “an urgent need given the possibility of a third wave of coronavirus.” Postcovid treatment will also be promoted for the entire San Marcos community.

Other measures mentioned by the new university body include feeding students living in poverty, maintaining university housing, and building another wing for said housing.


San Marcos has 470 years of history and has played an essential role in the country’s development, as the university’s president-elect asserted. “He should be honored at all these events, but instead his budget has been cut year after year. I ask the government to double this budget.”

“We are on an S/budget. Approximately 490 million, but nearly 50% are directly pooled resources. What do we ask of the government? That we double the budget because we want to provide a quality education.”

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Ramón will request an additional budget to re-energize and maintain laboratories and implement preventative biosafety measures at university facilities.

The immediate action once he takes office will be to request municipal support to conduct a thorough clean-up of the university dormitory, San Fernando headquarters and the College of Veterinary Medicine, in order to adapt the environments to the needs of the students.

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