COVID-19: Companies will attend 100% of capacity after obtaining permission from the government

The government has abolished the restrictions on all businesses and will enable absorptive capacity at 100%, according to Supreme Decree 016-2022, which extends the national emergency for 32 days, in the context of COVID-19, which comes into effect from tomorrow. Monday, February 28.

The rule, which is adjusted every 15 days, also does not contain a nationwide curfew, as was the case until a few days ago. This situation, according to Minsa sources, indicates that the capacity is 100% open.

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The decree was approved last Friday, February 25, and bears the signatures of President Pedro Castillo, Prime Minister, Aníbal Torres, Minister of Health, Hernán Condori, and other members of the cabinet.

Initial suggestion

As mentioned, Hernan Condori, the current head of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), stated that a proposal was made in the Cabinet session so that the capacity of both indoor and outdoor spaces will eventually be 100% nationally.

Condori noted that this initiative proposed by Mensa aims mainly to promote the revitalization of all economic sectors in Peru.

“I am preparing the technical document that I will present at the council session, for Wednesday, and the capacity has been approved at 100% so that the economy can be reactivated,” he confirmed at the time.

Is this measure recommended according to experts?

In connection with this, Julio Barina Deuces, a public health specialist, opposed approval of this procedure and told Infomercado the reasons.

The expert confirms that our vaccination coverage is not high and that the target population who received the third dose at the national level is only about 30%, which is not enough, he says.

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“According to international studies from the UK, 2 doses of the MERS-CoV vaccine protect you 19% of the Omicron variant and 3 doses protect between 55% and 80% […] Additionally, research by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that a second dose protects between 30 and 35% and 3 doses protects up to 75%.”

On the other hand, Barina reported that a recent investigation by the CDC reveals that the protection that a third dose gives you begins to decline from the fourth month, so that the protection from the fifth day is about 33%.

We doctors and health workers were vaccinated with a third dose between October and November 2021, and the vaccine’s protection has already begun to wane on our immune system. It is for this reason that the Medical Syndicate at the regional and national levels recommends placing the fourth dose at the latest in June of this year,” the specialist added.

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