Countries with the most Olympic medals, complete list

Only a few regions have the honor to be part of the list of countries with the most Olympic medals in history.

Every four years, the world unites in the largest sporting event in existence: Olympic Games. Every athlete strives Make history in this competition Not just to experience the singular glory of being the best in your sport. At the same time he is also seeking to grant his nation Prestige of being part of the world rankings of the countries with the most Olympic medals In the history of sports. Here is a list Most Olympic Summer and Winter Winners:

The complete list of countries with the most Olympic medals:

1-United States

Total medals: 2 Thousand 827

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The country of stars and stripes tops this list overall 2,522 medals The Olympic Games which are divided into 1.22 gold, 794 silver, and 706 bronze in Summer Olympics. In these winter In total 305 (105 Gold, 110 Silver, and 90 Bronze).

This country in North America is More power When we talk about Olympic sport. The sports that the country had a clear dominance over were athletics, swimming, basketball, tennis, football, golf and ice skating, skateboard And acrobatic skiing. He also has the most Olympic medalist in history, the former swimmer. Michael Phelps.


Total medals: A 204

Russian athlete
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Historically, Russia is power when we talk about sport. In particular, Russian athletes excel at sports such as Gymnastics. This nation ranks second with 395 gold, 319 silver and 296 bronze medals, giving a total of 10,000 Olympic medals in the Summer Games. On the other hand, in Winters JO They register 194 medals (78 gold, 57 silver, and 59 bronze).

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Sports is an important part of the country’s culture. Among the most common physical practices are rugby, handball, weights, gymnastics, ice skating, biathlon, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, volleyball, and skiing.

3- United Kingdom

Total medals: 883

Countries with the most Olympic medals
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In third place is the United Kingdom overall 851 Summer Medals in JOOf these, 263 are gold, 295 silver, and 293 copper. With respect to Winters JO, The United Kingdom has a total of 32 medals (11 gold, 4 silver, and 17 bronze).

British athletes have always distinguished themselves in every edition of the Olympic Games. It was in the London competition in 1908 when the United Kingdom achieved its best performance, with a total of 146 medals.

4- Germany

Total medals: 855

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Thanks to their iron discipline, physical conditions and sense of intense competition, German athletes are emerging as Olympic powers around the world. This has taken them too far in Summer Olympics To get a total 615 medals (191 gold, 194 silver, and 230 bronze). With respect to Winters JO, Germany has a total of 240 medals (92 gold, 88 silver, and 60 bronze).

As is often the case in many cases, when a country is host of JO, it tends to get the best historical share. Germany was no exception, as the 1936 Berlin edition is the best for the country: 89 medals in all.

5- France

Total medals: 840

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It is one of the other European countries that has the advantage of preparing its competitors in more than enough way. This resulted in a total 716 Summer Olympic Medals In its history (212 gold, 241 silver, and 263 bronze). In the Winter EditionsFrance has a total of 124 medals (36 Gold, 35 Silver, and 53 Bronze).

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He participated in all Summer Olympic Games (28 in total). His most successful participation was in Paris 1900 when he took 101 medals in total.

6- Italy

Total medals: 701

Countries with the most Olympic medals
Italian athletes Gregorio Paltriniere and Gabriel Ditti celebrate their victory at the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016. Getty Images

The European country has the credit for that 577 medals Olympic Games in editions Summer GamesIt is divided into 206 gold, 178 silver, and 193 bronze. On the other hand, in Winter Olympic Editions She has 40 gold, 36 silvers and 38 bronzes for a grand total 124 medals.

Fencing is the sport that gave him the most medals: 125, followed by athletics (60) and cycling (59). These numbers made Italy part of the list of countries with the most Olympic medals.

7- Sweden

Total medals: 652

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Among the Nordic countries, Sweden completely dominates the ranking. Swedish athletes on their credit 494 Summer Olympic medals (145 gold, 170 silver, and 179 bronze). With respect to Winter Olympics, Sweden registers 158 medals (57 gold, 46 silver, and 55 bronze). In wrestling (86), athletics (81) and shooting (57) Sweden has excelled in its Olympic appearances.

8- China

Total medals: 608

Countries with the most Olympic medals, complete list
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It is a fact that if a country has a sports project that is yielding increasingly better results, this is China. In a few years, the athletes of the Asian giant Shine universally In various sports. This led them to hand over their money back to their country 546 Olympic medals in summer events (224 gold, 167 silver, and 155 bronze). By Tokyo 2020, that number is sure to rise sharply. In the Winter Olympic competitionsChina has registered 13 golds, 28 silvers and 21 bronzes (62 in total).

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9- Australia

Total medals: 512

Australian athlete
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The Oceania giant has one of the most powerful sports projects today. It is located on the podium of the countries with the most Olympic medals thanks to Collect 497 medals in the summer of JO (147 gold, 163 silver, and 187 bronze). In the Winter Olympics The results were distinctly inferior: 15 medals in total (5 gold and an equal number of silver and bronze).

The country hosted two editions of the Olympic Games: Melbourne 1956 and Sydney 2000. In both, its athletes scored the best entries in Australia’s history: 35 and 58 medals, respectively.

10- Hungary

Total medals: 498

Countries with the most Olympic medals
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The only country in Eastern Europe to appear on this list with 175 gold, 147 silver, and 169 bronze medals (total 491 medals) check in Summer JO. to me Winter OlympicsThe state barely registers Seven medals (1 gold, 2 silver, and 4 bronze).

In particular, Hungary excels in water sports, which is intriguing given that it is a country without a sea. One of the factors that explain why Hungary is so successful at the athletic level could be the fact that the government grants a lifetime pension to athletes, from the age of 35, who have won Olympic medals.

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