Could Checo Pérez not win a race in Mexico be considered a failure?

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have won their respective home races and the Mexican will look to do the same next weekend.

The Mexico City Grand Prix She has a local pilot Sergio “Chico” Perez As one of the favorites to win the race next weekend and a special pressure given that Lewis Hamilton And Max Verstappen They won their “home” races. In light of this, the question remains open as to what will be the celebration of this date, would it be a failure if he did not win the Aztec capital?

Former Mexican pilot Rojas note Consider it can’t be considered a failure if Czech Perez He did not win and climbed to the top of the podium at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

“My opinion is that since Checo is in a great team, expectations are higher. We have raised the bar, as amateurs, to a higher level. Getting on the podium is not easy. He has been doing well in the last two races. He has had a bump in the middle of the season and is closer to Bottas and score points for the constructors’ championship.”

The ex-pilot also stayed on this line Louis Chabolin Diaz, who admitted this in an interview with ESPN Digital Red Bull He has a notable favoritism towards Max Verstappen, who is currently participating as the captain of the World Pilots Championship.

“I think unfortunately if the team saw the need to benefit someone, it would be Max. With everything and being in Mexico. I would like to see the win. Czech Perez In Mexico, but if he had potential and if he had Max behind him, I’m sure the team would leave Max in the first place,” he said.

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He expressed that the main motive can be found Czech Perez It’s the support of the fans, who can emulate and achieve the euphoria experienced by racing like the UK and the Netherlands.

“There’s motivation from the people and pressure from the team. In the year you go to England and you see Hamilton win in England. I was at Silverstone and the support was fantastic and those who play at home are developing. We have Max in Holland and he plays in the mood and there you see they give 120%. He stressed that the people will play for Chico.

for this part, Mario Dominguez And he doesn’t think he failed Czech Perez Don’t get first place next Sunday, as the team’s priorities are the world championship and the race in Mexico is just a form of the long schedule. However, it was considered that this race may be the most important in the history of Mexico, especially with the participation of Guadalajara in Red Bull.

“I think that (it will be the most important race) with the chances of winning or the podium, it could be very important to achieve that. I know the feeling of racing in Mexico when Champ Car was there, there was a lot of pressure on who you are, sponsors, pressure from the public, And the team and you have to face him, but he’s nothing new to Checo and he’s well aware of what he’s going to experience this week. It seems to me that he’s been doing this in recent years and focusing on his work, but the crowd’s support still helps him feel at home. She worked with me. When I was on The podium in 2003, the crowd was great and I felt that atmosphere, the excitement and the excitement. I think that can happen to Chico and I think it will happen to him,” he said.

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