Costa Rica promotes a bushfire-free summer – Prensa Latina

With support from the Ministry of Environment and Energy (Minae) and the National System of Protected Areas (Sinac) and with the support of the Government of Canada, the 2021 campaign warns that illegal burning and climate change threaten to turn natural heritage into smoke and ash.

That is why, he asserts, we must all cooperate to prevent fires and thus preserve our natural treasures.

In his presentation of a Summer Without Forest Fires, Deputy Environment Minister Franklin Paniagua highlighted that these accidents constitute one of the major contributions to global carbon emissions, especially in tropical regions in countries such as Colombia, Brazil and Peru. .

He noted that Central America also suffers from this disease. But he added that Costa Rica was reducing these events year by year, thanks to the effort and special work of Sinac’s forestry firefighting team, which has Minae’s support.

For his part, CEO of Sinac, Rafael Gutierrez, emphasized that through this series of nationwide publishing and communication measures, it seeks to educate residents about the damage and effects caused by forest fires.

We need these prevention messages to reach all citizens, because – he stressed – there is still March and April, which are the strongest months of the fire season in the country, where simple negligence or inappropriate behavior can have dire consequences.

Canadian Ambassador to Costa Rica, James Hill, praised his country’s commitment to protecting the environment and cooperation between countries in combating climate change.

“The increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires underscores the tremendous risks we face and the need to act with determination and responsibility,” Hill said.

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