Costa Rica mobilizes personnel and equipment ahead of a potential tropical cyclone

In Facebook’s social network profile, CNE specifies that it implements organizational, operational and logistical measures such as mobilizing human resources to various regions.

In addition, it continues to screen 200 shelter job sites nationwide, audit and supply more than 80 local warehouses and revitalize regional warehouses located in Osa, Parrita, Cañas and San Carlos.

All of this, he explains, through inter-institutional work between the CNE and the National Risk Management System.

From the CNE, we are constantly monitoring the various hydrometeorological phenomena that can develop, taking their development minute by minute, thanks to the scientific support provided by the National Institute of Meteorology (IMN), he explained.

After emphasizing that it is still vigilant for the passage of Tropical Waves 12 and 13 (this could become a tropical cyclone next weekend), the National Environment Council recommends that residents inquire only through official entities and in the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1.

Given the IMN’s forecast of heavy rain this Wednesday, associated with Tropical Wave 12, CNE expert Jorge Rovira noted that with the exception of the Southern Caribbean (on green alert – informational), the rest of the national territory is on yellow alert, be careful.

Rains in recent days have caused flash floods and landslides, as well as floods in rivers.

Among the devastation caused are the blockade of Route 32 that connects the Central Valley to the Caribbean coast due to a major landslide that will not be removed until the end of the week, as well as the destruction of a bridge in San Carlos due to a river flood.

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