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As part of the already broader scientific program within the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) and within the “Think FIL” section, on November 29, the Forum “Museum of Science…for what?” Appropriate review by our colleague Viridiana Saavedra (I see. ), among the specialists summoned was the prolific young physicist Juan Nebot who, in collaboration with Colombian mining engineer Claudia Aguirre, curated two books devoted to topics now close – under the high political conditions prevailing in Jalisco – for us: Museums of Science and Drama in Science, titles are part of the “Curiosity Locker” collection of UdeG editorials, the first of which is titled Science Museum Building Instructions Follows tradition and transcends the work done at the time by Dr. Jorge Flores Valdes, an eminent Mexican physicist who unfortunately recently died with How to make a science museum (FCE, Mexico 1998) by bringing together the works of nineteen specialists from eleven countries, who in thirteen chapters range from “Review of my manifesto for the evolution of exhibitions” to “Here Do Not Come to Read!” It covers the basics of science museum development and maintenance.

The second book is Instructions for making science a drama (or comedy!)27 authors from 10 countries in “any branch of the performing arts” of these disciplines contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

We recommend that you close the FIL Guadalajara edition with the concert of Tania Libertad

Both titles will be presented on Sunday, December 5th at 7:00 PM by UdeG Digital Media Editorial (UdeG).

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* Member of the Mexican Network of Science Journalists; Institute of Astronomy and Meteorology, CUCEI, University of Guadalajara. [email protected].

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