Convergence in Guatemala calls for the formation of the Front for Democracy

The group insisted, through a statement, to defend the rule of law, democratic institutions and citizens’ vote, based on “the actions of the Guatemalan authorities, before, during and after the date of the first vote”.

He added that these violations involve an abuse of power, and a mockery of the will of the voters, in an open reference to the procedures carried out by the Public Prosecution.

He rejected the text of the special prosecutor’s maneuvers against impunity and the seventh criminal judge, Freddy Orellana, before the Supreme Court of Elections and CED.

“They are forcing us to extend this call to all social sectors without discrimination, organizations, peoples, regions, groupings and citizens in general to work together in the citizen’s front for democracy,” he said.

He pointed out that these measures flagrantly violate the rule of law, human rights and the constitution, and prevent building the present and future that we deserve.

Now is the time to save Guatemala, concluded the National Reunion in Resistance, presented on October 3, 2022, with representatives of social organizations, due to the political, economic and social situations affecting the country.

Various local and international entities continue to denounce the harassment and harassment of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the recent persecution against some of its members, and the clear aim of removing Smela from the political race for the presidency.


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