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Florida authorities don’t want you to get tested for Covid if you don’t have symptoms, while high demand for tests continues at several centers.

“Relax from the idea that federal leaders came up with for testing and more testing,” is what Florida’s surgeon general wants, asking not to test asymptomatic patients for Covid. This is happening, as of yesterday, and according to the CDC, there are more than 59,000 new infections in the state.

In Miami-Dade County, testing has passed 70,000 at more than 30 accredited centers.

“The government should be prepared to conduct as many tests as necessary, as long as common sense guidelines are followed,” says Miami-Dade resident Sergio Perez.

“Testing should target people with clinical symptoms,” says Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. “Asymptomatic patients should use the resources we have that sufferers need.”

With that statement, Governor DeSantis asked not to get tested “just in case,” that is, if you don’t have symptoms. Well, I hope this reduces the high demand.

Joseph Ladabo, MD, a Florida general surgeon, says:

“We don’t restrict access to tests, but we say it’s not wise to wait hours for a test if you don’t have symptoms that warrant testing.”

Florida Surgeon General. He said that in a few hours he will release his guide to calm this life around the test.

Dr. Eileen Marty is very clear in her scientific argument. He insists they should be tested for symptoms if they are exposed to infected people or work with those who have not been vaccinated.

“If you don’t get sick because you’re so young, you’re healthy, it doesn’t mean that your illness doesn’t put the person you love in the hospital and they may die.”

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In recent days, there is a salt claim in Miami-Dade. Delay in giving results of the rapid examination. That’s why the mayor assured that in two days, 76.5% of the exams were delivered in less than 24 hours.

Another strong claim is the reliability of the tests. There are already those who say that when more than one antigen test is performed, they have received reports with different conclusions, and in some cases even bearing the “inconclusive” classification.

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