Controller Amoroso disavows UK court ruling against Venezuelan reserves

Caracas. – The Comptroller General of the Republic, Elvis Amoroso, has forcefully rejected the injunction of the High Court of Justice of the United Kingdom preventing Venezuela from recovering its international reserves.

He stressed that this decision of the High Court of Justice of the United Kingdom violates the rules of public international law.

“We know that the main objective of this resolution is the fraudulent and illegal appropriation of the resources of our people so that the countries of the world remain on alert and raise their voices against this new form of corruption with international complicity,” he added. Amoroso confirmed in a statement posted on Twitter by the Comptroller.

However, the highest representative of the country’s Financial Supervisory Authority reiterated that Venezuela will continue to exercise all the resources available to it in defense of the heritage that forms part of its international reserves, as well as the legitimate rights of the Venezuelan people.

In his words, Amoroso stated that he was condemning to various international organizations the method of corruption of some sectors of the Venezuelan right, through the triangulation of corruption run by the government of the United States and the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom’s Supreme Court, on Monday, returned to the Commercial Court the litigation over Venezuela’s gold reserves held by the Bank of England, after partially accepting the appeal submitted by Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaido.

Last year, the lawsuit was taken to British courts, after the Bank of England refused to hand over the reserves to the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), due to a similar request from the Guaido-appointed board of directors.

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This Tuesday, Venezuela in an official statement rejected the ruling of the United Kingdom court.

“The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects the alarming judicial ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which, by denying justice and not exercising judicial control over acts of public power, however irrational they may be, precludes the Venezuelan State’s right to act, from through the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), in part of its international reserves deposited with the Bank of England,” part of the text states.

The nation denounced that the said decision “violates the rules of public international law, the Venezuelan constitutional order and British legislation” and regrets that the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has come under “the jurisdiction of the British Executive, leaving evidence of the lack of separation of powers, impartiality and, above all, the independent functioning of this judicial body.” “.

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