Contestants of reality show “The Squid Game: The Challenge” file suit against Netflix

United kingdom.- Just a few days ago the program premiered “Squid Game: Challenge”a program based on the successful series of Netflix Where extreme games led to participants losing their lives.

In this new reality the tests were similar to those in the series, and when they were eliminated they were kicked out of the game.

Apparently the contestants were injured during the auditions so they plan to sue the streaming platform Netflix.

Why can 'The Squid Game: The Challenge' contestants sue Netflix?

“Contestants”“The Squid Game: The Challenge” could bring a lawsuit against Netflix

As reported Delivery time Law firm United kingdom She issued a statement warning of a class action lawsuit against the producers of the reality show

Well, they are asking for financial compensation, in the document that I will release Honest lawyerstwo contestants who preferred to remain anonymous suffered injuries after the competition.

The conditions they offered are: Hypothermia And Nerve damage Because of the harsh conditions in which they found themselves.

The contestants preferred to remain anonymous.

One of the matches that caused injuries was “Green Light, Red Light,” which was filmed at the British base. Royal Air Force in Edited by Bedford While a cold wave occurred, as 3 contestants needed medical care.

The lawyers said that production exceeded safe limits, and that the injuries would have long-term complications.

Netflix responds to the accusations

Netflix has already responded to these accusations

The live broadcast platform denied these allegations, stressing that all measures were taken during the recordings to ensure the safety of the participants.

“Obviously, well-being and safety are of the utmost importance. We have taken appropriate measures to take care of people. It was a big and complex shoot, but everyone was prepared for it and took care of it properly. “We anticipate everything and, in fact, test everything in advance and make sure that we We are taking all appropriate measures.” Comment John thereOne of the producers for American media.

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He admitted that no one is safe from injuries that usually appear in any program of this type.

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