Conservatives’ 24th birthday party in Westminster

A new scandal in the UK, mired in Covid-19 restrictions when a picture surfaced showing 24 Conservative Party staff and collaborators – plus a senior official and a donor – at a Christmas party without distance or masks in offices conservative in Westminster. The image corresponds to December 14, 2020, with London at Alert Level 2.

The scandal’s epicenter only hundreds of meters away, the one separating Parliament from 10 Downing Street, has changed, but the great victim remains the same, particularly the prime minister, Boris Johnson, who is in the same London on alert level 2, which has banned meetings in homes with non-partners, participated in a party at his residence on December 15, three days before one of his employees and that ended with the resignation of his communication adviser Allegra Stratton.

Johnson assumes he has lost power and leadership to ask his fellow citizens to discipline measures to try to contain the virus and the already prevalent omicron variant. Moreover, Johnson lost control and credibility even in their own ranks.


this tuesday, leading Taking the rule set to the House of Commons to stop the spread of coronavirus – promoting remote work; Masks in transport, cinemas, theaters, public spaces, Covid testimony in nightlife venues, indoor and even open spaces according to their capacity – and hundreds of them voted against it: they succeeded thanks to the opposition.

In this context, the picture of Westminster 24 is posted, comfortably, with gestures of joy and very close to each other. Posted by woman, which immediately caused the resignation of one of its heroes. Sean Bailey (Pictured, standing in the center, in a white shirt), until a few hours ago he was in charge of the Police and Crime Commission of the London Assembly.

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In the photo, beside Billy, he is also seen Nick Candy (gray jacket, raising wine glass), billionaire benefactor.

The political turmoil is of significant proportions and there is speculation that Johnson is risking the job, not so much because of outraged public opinion or Labor about the attack as because of an already marked internal disagreement among the Conservatives over what action to take. It was taken against the pandemic – the passport, the main source of tension – and by a leader who does not lead by example and burden them in their constituencies.

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