Congress honors the young winners of the first places in the National Science Olympiad

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Representatives and Representatives, together with delegates of the 2021-2022 Science Olympiad, presented this Thursday with prizes, medals and gifts to young high school students who represented Guerrero in the aforementioned national competition, winning first places in the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

At the meeting, the Chairman of the State Congress, Representative Fleur-Anurve-Ocampo, stated that recognition of their efforts and dedication to study is of great importance, because despite the difficulties and needs of Guerrero, there are students who excel in science.

He also commended the teachers, as well as the mothers and fathers, for the work, effort and guidance provided to the youth, which allowed them to have an outstanding participation.

For his part, Chairman of the Political Coordination Council, MP Alfredo Sanchez Esquivel, indicated that the legislative authority will contribute real and tangible with talented and dedicated youth.

In this sense, he noted, it was necessary to have more students devoted to the exact sciences, as it represented an opportunity for Mexico to further its development in the field of technology.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Youth and Sports Committee, Representative Angelica Espinosa Garcia, along with MP Jacinto Gonzalez Varona congratulated the award-winning students and urged them to continue exploiting their intelligence, allowing them to realize their dreams, and not to stop fighting despite the bad weather.

Likewise, they acknowledged that they would always find doors open in Congress, would be well received, and, of course, supported.

Isabel Rivero Corse, Head of the Department for the Promotion and Dissemination of Science at the Autonomous University of Guerrero, together with Carlos Arturo Alarcón Romero on behalf of the Olympic delegates, spoke at the opening of the Guerrero Conference, while asking for a larger budget for the development of science and technology, through programs and actions at the level educational.

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In the same way, they thanked the event for delivering recognition and incentives to young people, which is unprecedented in the legislature.

The winners are: Fernando Eduardo Navarro Ramirez (bronze), Jorge Felix Estrada Goya (bronze), Mirna Dareña Santana Herrera (bronze), Dania Camille Yanez Elizalde (gold), Briana Vanessa Martinez Carvajal (bronze), Yanet Rodriguez (bronze). And with honorable mention Anif Karian Sanchez Rios.

The meeting was attended by Representatives Sitlali Calixto Jimenez, Marben de la Cruz Santiago, Leticia Castro Ortiz, Leticia Moso Hernandez, Maria Flores Maldonado, Osbaldo Rios, Jose Evren Lopez Cortes and Antonio Helgueira Jimenez.

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