Conclusion of the First Public Health and Medicinal Chemistry Symposium in the Regional Unit of Mazatlán, carried out by the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, November 10, 2023.- At its conclusion came the first symposium on Public Health and Medicinal Chemistry, in mixed mode, held at the Autonomous University of the West (UAdeO), Mazatlán Regional Unit, organized by the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, coordinated by MC María del Pilar Barbosa Jasso. This event targeted students in all classes of this educational programme.

In the days following the opening, 11 conferences were held, in person and virtual, presented by specialists in pharmaceutical issues, vaccine development and epidemic management, who collaborate in health and educational institutions of national and international standing.

A workshop on disease recurrence measurements in an epidemic setting was also held, taught by epidemiologists from the 5th Health Service State of Sinaloa, and attended by students of the 5th and 7th semesters.

The event concluded with the holding of the Fourth Biomedical Championship 2023, an academic and sports competition, in which students participated in pirate costumes as this year’s theme, and showed creativity and energy in the sports activities that were held in the main square of this study house.

The winners of this tournament are the students of the third semester, achieving the highest scores in the two competitions, while second place was achieved by the seventh semester, and third place corresponds to the fifth semester. Thus, this event was concluded in which the transfer of scientific knowledge is the main focus, in addition to promoting healthy coexistence among the participants for their comprehensive training.

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