CONALEP students take second and third place at the State Science and Engineering Fair

Students from the Juarez III Campus of the National College of Technical Vocational Education (CONALEP) took second and third places at the State Science and Engineering Fair of Chihuahua 2023, with two projects called “Neuro AI” and “Doctor-Patient MP”.

This competition was organized by the Secretariat of Innovation and Economic Development (SIDE), through the Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness (I2C), with the aim of promoting scientific and technological research among young people from different educational systems.

The Projects Competition is a scientific and technological competition in nature, and aims to reward creativity, originality and scientific merit of students in the upper secondary and higher education levels, enrolled in public and private educational institutions.

On this occasion, the Juárez III Campus won two important places in the competition, taking second place with the “Neuro AI” project, a website that aims to facilitate communication between the doctor and the patient (student) in the field of health, which in turn provides guidance to it.

The project offers several functions that allow the user to interact with the doctor in a practical and effective way, such as: “Log in” to register and enter, “Chat” to set his symptoms, “Agenda” to add his appointment if necessary, “Get information” where they explain the purpose of the medications, And “Contact Us” to locate the doctor on social networks.

In third place came the “Doctor-Patient MP” tool, which is a computer tool for psychological assistance for students who suffer from stress and anxiety, which represents an expansion of assistance for a psychological session that seeks to stimulate the patient’s senses with various functions such as a microphone or listening to a music playlist to calm them down, which will help the patient. You will feel better about writing what you feel, and likewise, the project will learn from the user so that they feel more comfortable talking to them.

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The winning students belong to the third class of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence degree: Jesús Herrera Elias, Gemma Viani Guerrero Minjarez, Alejandra Espinoza González, Marcos Vidal Hernández Ramírez, Kevin Leonardo Tepache Martinez, and Alejandro Aguirre Reyes, under the guidance of teacher Gerardo. Moreno Guerrero.

Juarez III Campus Director, Ernesto Lujan Escobedo, highlighted that students constantly participate in various competitions where they test their knowledge, talents and skills, and have generally secured important places in competitions, winning state, national and international awards.

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