CONACYT supports a project to study the current distress of young Colima

academic from Faculty of Political and Social SciencesJosé Manuel de la Mora Cuevas, received Call for Basic Science and/or Border Science 2022 funding from the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), in the Models and Controversies in Science category, which will allow you to continue your project “Measurement social unrest In the youth category Colima StateEffects on private life due to changes in politics, the economy, and society.

He explained in an interview that the purpose of this call is Challenge modelsTheories and hypotheses to help solve Scientific controversies; That is, it seeks to prefer alternative proposals or forms of contribution to the problems facing the country.

He said that this support means a Stimulus To follow job and how investigator is a recognition of academic work during my career.

Unlike other years, he explained, this announcement Indicates shorter deadlines to achieve financial projectswhich must be implemented in a nine-month phase of the formalization of the subsidy.

He considered the appointment he received CONACYT To support studies that are not easy to approach and to provide an opportunity to offer collaborative alternatives with professors from other regions out of these controversies about to know.

De la Mora Cuevas commented that the effect of this Economic support This is reflected in the continuity research projectsas well as in the formation HR Through a doctorate in social sciences.

In his project “Measurement social unrest Among the young population of the state of Colima … ” Alejandra Chavez Ramirezprofessor of political and social sciences, and Angelica Prado Rebuledoa professor of law, part of the academic group “State and Society”, as well as doctoral students in social sciences.

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He also stressed the importance of it collaborative work Carried out with the participation of students. In particular, he said his project has specific goals that, in terms of this call, “indicate statistical consistency and comparative feasibility, using a wide range of survey results that already exist before Mexican State across the INEGIAnd the KonaboAnd the September And the h hamong other things.

Through this work, it seeks, from the existing information, to create a bank of reagents related to young populationThis allows us to learn the causes of influences in your life from changes in Policy and the Economie; Once we say the bank of reagents and a strong statistical comparison, we want to identify the variables that affect social unrest and define interrelationships.

The research takes into account the analysis of all statistical information so that it is through the terms it generates Mexican StateThe study shows the variables most influencing the discomfort of young population In particular, in guys from colima. In addition, “the study will provide information to those responsible for design Public policy It targets the youth sector, and contributes from the academy with solid, specific and specific information.”

And in its methodological component, he deepened, “The study will show a definition of the concept of social unrest In Colima at this very moment in the first two decades of 21st centuryconstruction Detector Bank facilitating the work for further research related to youth, see results in a Scientific materialtraining human resources through a PhD and providing support with tangible data to those who make decisions that serve the youth sector.”

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Finally, he said that the Academy’s commitment is to disseminate the results through Scientific Publications And the Academic events.

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