Comex Peru: Agricultural exports to the EU and the UK grew 24.3% in the first four months of 2021 من

Peruvian agricultural exports to the European Union (European Union) and the United Kingdom, in the first four months of this year, totaled $769 million, up 24.3% from $618 million last year, the Foreign Trade Association said (Comex Peru).

In terms of the main non-traditional destinations for agricultural export, the Netherlands ranks as the main destination with a value of $411 million, which is 25.9% higher than the corresponding period in 2020.

Spain and the United Kingdom maintained their second and third positions, respectively; The first is $160 million (+25%) and the second is $63 million (21%).

To complete the top five we find Germany with $42 million (+28.5%) and Belgium with $24 million (-11.2%).


Once again, avocados were positioned as the main product sent to the European bloc within the non-traditional agricultural sector, and their shipments totaled $110 million, representing 49.9% of the sector’s shipments.

Other products sent to the EU were fruit or other fresh fruits ($15 million; +53.3%), mangoes ($12 million; +53.3%), prepared or preserved asparagus, unfrozen ($8 million; + 73.8), and Al-Yousifi ($7 million; +46.9%).

Total exports

Peruvian exports to the European Union (European Union) Including the United Kingdom, in the first four months of 2021, it totaled $1.797 million, which is 20% higher than the same period last year.

Comex Peru It highlights that 59.1% of the total amount sent corresponds to the non-traditional item ($769 million), exceeding the value of traditional exports ($735 million).

By regions

Lima positioned itself as the region with the highest non-traditional agricultural exports to the European bloc, including the United Kingdom, during the first four months of 2021, with $326 million, 13% less than the corresponding period in 2020.

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It is followed by Ica, at $258 million (+62.7%); Peora, $230 million (+15%); Arequipa with $190 million (+107.4%), Moquegua with $152 million (+51.2%).

He stressed that “the international panorama is favorable for non-traditional agricultural products, and this is due to the policy of trade openness, which, in this case, is integrated with the free trade agreement signed with the European Union.” Comex Peru.

Similarly, he noted that it is not enough to keep the borders open to take advantage of the high international demand for Peruvian agricultural exports, but also to improve production chains, so that the country does not lag behind in efficiency and productivity.


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