COMEM prepares for Health and Wellness Week

As one of its priorities, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has prepared and developed many digital activities that help nourish the mind and spirit, in order to accompany the people of Mexico during the current period of health emergencies.

They seek to help COMEM youth and the general public to better cope with health emergencies (Image: Private).

Under this dynamic, The Conservatory of Music of the State of Mexico (COMEM) is a health and well-being week aimed primarily at the student community, But also open to the public.

From February 15-19, appropriate programming will be implemented, designed to help manage emotions, stress and anxietyAnd other situations caused by this epidemic.

This Health Week is very important to our students, teachers and the conservatory community and with it we decided to start celebrations for COMEM’s 30th anniversary.Which will be in September, because mental health seems to me a very important issue, ”said Luis Manuel García Peña, General Manager of COMEM.

The COMEM Health and Welfare Week includes talks on issues of gender equality and feminism, and how to create the optimal climate for taking home lessons, Managing emotions, depression due to an epidemic, meditation, and basic motor exercises before studying the machine and using digital platforms.

In this last song, García Peña confirmed that he will focus on the music. “They will see what platforms can be used, where I can support myself to use them, what do I do if I want to register, and what applications can I use, in short, that provide technological tools for young people and can develop with them.”

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Whereas, for the younger ones, from the Kids Start Music Center, there will be workshops where they will learn that problems can have more than two solutions, the importance of frequent doctor visits and oral health, as well as learn the importance of maintaining a healthy life, including sweet foods. In recommended doses.

The COMEM director shared that some other activities of this nature have been planned, with various themes, such as Women’s Day, in March, Children’s Day, in April, and the week devoted to jazz in May.

“We will see the impact this Health and Wellbeing Week has had, and if we had to scale up that, we might actually do so as an alternative measure to the study plans,” said Garcia Peña.



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