Colombia, another place Cuba looks for cattle

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According to what was reported in the specialized Colombian media, the Cuban ambassador to that South American country met with a group of ranchers seeking to interest them in establishing relations with their counterparts on the island.

The Cuban Ambassador to Colombia, Javier Camaño Cairo, participated in a meeting held in Vidigan, with Fenavi, Porkcolombia, Alpina, Colanta and entities such as Procolombia and Procuba, among others, to learn first-hand the exchange possibilities that exist between the two sectors.

Noting that he has already visited the cattle-breeding regions of Meta, Casanare and Córdoba, Caamaño Cairo was “very surprised by the quality of the genetics and management of Colombian cattle-breeding,” quotes Connecto Janadero outlet.

“We are convinced that once Cuban and Colombian ranchers get to know each other, they will start a very interesting exchange,” he said. In this sense, it was announced that the governments of Cuba and Colombia will analyze all the requirements and requirements that they have in order to facilitate these works.

Colombian farmers are expected to attend fairs in Cuba and Cubans will participate in fairs in Colombia to learn about and promote the exchange needed between the two countries.

The livestock sector in Cuba experienced a systematic depression between mismanagement of theft and slaughter, head counting and many other aspects, which led to this being the subject of a crisis in the Caribbean island.

According to the Cuban diplomat, “We are interested at this time in quickly replenishing it and in obtaining a mass of quality cattle.” Likewise, he seeks to increase the country’s livestock herd in such a way as to enhance the nutrition of the Cuban population.

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Among the contributions that Cuba already has are very good genetics for livestock, but they are few and not widespread, unlike what is happening in Colombia, and this is what the Cuban government aspires to. One of the things they saw was the possibility of taking embryos and using several of the cows they had as recipients, which would allow them to make a genetic leap in a very short time.

Currently in Bogotá there is a visit from a delegation from Procuba, invited by Procolombia to hold meetings with different sectors since there are many potential business exchanges between businessmen from both countries.

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