COECYT invites you to participate in the Science and Engineering Fair

to me Young people from upper level and upper middle level Those interested in developing scientific, technological and computer projects are invited to participate in the Coahuila 2021 Science and Engineering Fair.

Coahuila State Government, through State Council for Science and Technology (COECYT) Seeks Encouraging creativity, originality and scientific merit of high school and secondary school students, enrolled in public or private educational institutions, through the development of scientific research and technological development projects and computer systems.

Objectives are to promote Scientific and technological culture and innovation In the education systems of upper secondary and higher levels, as well as Encouraging the development of competencies among the participantsEspecially in creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

In addition to promotion Scientific values ​​for students to develop self-actualization skillsProvide follow-up and advice to improve projects and support initiatives to develop projects.

Students enrolled in public and private educational institutions in the state of Coahuila can participate The project to be registered must be in one of the following ways:

  1. scientific reseach. A systematic, organized, and objective process that seeks, through intellectual and experiential activities, to increase knowledge, discover data, and propose solutions in an area.
  2. technological development. The systematic use of knowledge and research aimed at producing materials, devices, systems, or methods including the design, development, or improvement of prototypes, processes, products, services, or organizational models.
  3. computer systems. A group of disciplines dealing with the foundations that underpin computing: programming languages ​​and the mathematical and logical foundations of this branch of knowledge. They include the specific branches of: artificial intelligence, graphic computing, bioinformatics, or the ubiquitous computing field, among many others.
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The project can be developed individually or in teams of up to three members. Each project will have an advisor, who will be a teacher assigned to the educational institution to which they belong and who has received academic training corresponding to the field of knowledge of the project.

Registration will be through the online system which will be available from 1 September in the web page And the day will conclude October 1, 2021. The result of the first evaluation and the list of approved projects will be available on the website on that day October 20 2021.

The second evaluation will be the state fair, An event that roughly brings together participants in final projects to present the results of their research and will be carried out From 22 to 26 November 2021 approximately, the dynamics and the exact day for the presentation of your project will be sent to the finalists via email.

The online award ceremony has not yet been decided and the results of the country stage will be published. But those who want to know the call in detail can enter

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