“Cobra Kai” and the success of the Karate Kid series, a legacy with millions of followers

The Cobra Kai series was introduced by William Zabka and Ralph Macchio. Photo: La Hora/AP

“Cobra Kai” has been a hit for Netflix, and while they haven’t released the fourth season, which is scheduled to premiere next December, the streaming giant, which now has more competition, has announced the renewal of the old Karate Kid series for another season, while Its success continues to reach millions of users.
The series, which follows the events of the 1984 movie, takes the viewer in front of Johnny Lawrence (William Zapka) and how his life is ruined after losing the Karate Championship to Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio).

However, things change for a martial artist who is becoming less, as he meets the person who will be his first student, Miguel Diaz (Xolo MaridueƱa).
Of course, the success of Netflix was born earlier in 2018 on “YouTube Red” as a web series.
At the premiere, it became a success that lasted for two seasons, however, despite the good reception and numbers, YouTube decided to end it.

The good look of Netflix for season 5

After this sudden end, Netflix achieved success and re-released it on its platform and the phenomenon spread further.
Now, with three seasons, season four opening next December, at least 73 million families have watched at least one episode on Netflix, and season three reaching number one in 28 countries, including the US and UK. Argentina, Greece and Sri Lanka, according to various news sites.

Although “Cobra Kai” appeared on YouTube, it debuted with 55 million views.

While viewers are still waiting for the fourth season, Netflix has renewed it for a fifth season, although the platform isn’t too generous when it comes to renewals and makes it clear that there are few series that are winning and winning the franchise. Confirmed in advance.

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