Coast Guard rescues 400 Haitians traveling in overloaded boats – Telemundo Miami (51)

Miami: – The Federal Agency said in two statements, Saturday, that the US Coast Guard rescued more than 400 Haitians who were intercepted in two boats laden with migrants.

In the first operation, Coast Guard teams rescued 202 Haitians last Tuesday before handing them over to Haitian authorities two days later.

The migrants were traveling in a 50-foot (15-meter) cargo ship when they were intercepted on Tuesday about 20 miles (32 kilometers) northwest of Cap-de-Mole, Haiti.

In the second operation, a crew from the Coast Guard located a schooner southeast of Pointe de la Platformme, in Haiti, and a ship headed to the place, where they rescued 199 migrants, who were handed over this Saturday to the authorities of his country. .

In both cases, the Coast Guard said, upon verifying that the boats were overloaded, the migrants were transferred to US ships and the Haitian boats were later destroyed because they were deemed a “danger to navigation.”

“Immigrants attempting to enter the United States by sea often find themselves on ships that are extremely overburdened, unnavigable, and without security equipment,” Coast Guard Lieutenant David Steele said. “Unfortunately, many people lost their lives in these attempts.”

In fiscal year 2021, which ended on Thursday, the Coast Guard rescued 1,527 Haitians at sea, which is a marked increase compared to 418 immigrants of that nationality in the previous fiscal year, 932 in fiscal year 2019 and 609 of fiscal. year 2018.

The Coast Guard routinely repatriates people intercepted at sea on unsuitable vessels to avoid loss of life at sea.

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In both cases, no major injuries or medical problems were reported among the migrants.

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