Coach Marcos Rojo in Miami responded to the Boca doctor who accused him of “Pinocchio” and predicted when the captain would return.

Julio Cesar Murillo’s response to Dr. Julio Batista

A whirlwind shook Boca Juniors and engage one of their captains, red framesOn his trip to Miami to continue his recovery from the muscle injuries he suffered after returning more than a month ago after a long break as a result of knee ligament surgery. The former defender of the Argentine national team works with the physical trainer Julio Cesar Murillowho replied to the club doctor xeneizeAnd Jorge Pablo Batista, who accused him of “Pinocchio”.

red He had torn a ligament on October 12, 2022 against Sarmiento de Junín. He made his return in the reserve match played at Ezeiza Stadium on 31 May against Arsenal, when he added his first 45 minutes after being inactive. But just as he was about to return to the first team, he suffered a back-to-back muscle injury that hurt him.

Marcos Rojo did a physical in Miami to try to recover and be fit to return to play for Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores round of 16.

The former player of La Plata students His recovery had begun, but he asked to continue to do so in the United States and was approved by the Football Board and Coach Jorge Almironwho on Monday referred to the issue in the press conference after the 1-0 win over Huracan at La Bombonera: “Marcos spoke to me and the members of the Football Council to get treatment. I was having a bad time Because he wanted to return as soon as possible, so he re-injured him. So it caused stress. He wanted out of context. He went for treatment with the help of his family. It’s not that they’re going to take it back there and that they’re witches. The idea was to combine the emotional part with the freshness. I hope he will be available because he is an important player both on and off the field. In ten days we will bring him back.”

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Once red Arrived in the city of Florida, and it was Murillo The one who started uploading content to his social networks showing the physical work Marcus was doing. In one of the videos, he described the tasks of a football player: “The involvement of very simple components: improving motor control, stimulating deceleration, training in low-impact landings, entering contact with the ground after injury, developing tissue tolerance to impact and in one-sided force.”

Batista’s criticism of Murillo (@jpbatista20)

One of his interpretations was taken by Dr. Batista, who profiled instagramEarly in the afternoon I go to the cinema. They recommended me to go see Pinocchio. Because I love him!“.

But the response of the Colombian Murillo was not long in coming: “The truth is that I haven’t seen anything. I spoke with the animologist in Boca, Leonardo (pishkian)). It is not a lie because the actions we make refer to what you have published. I only spoke with Rojo and Leonardo, who works in Boca” TyC Sports.

Dr. Batista with Marcos Rojo (@jpbatista20)

“He came in with tightness in his left calf, a small tear. We tried to ease the pain, he hasn’t trained for a few days due to the injury. We’ve worked here on several components that are essential for me to recover,” he explained about Rojo’s scenario.

Captain Boca came to Murillo on the recommendation of Paul Pogbaa former classmate of Marcus V Manchester United and that he turned to coffee plantations to recover from his physical problems. Regarding the defender’s potential return, Murillo noted: “I see it well, he no longer feels pain in the area. He’s calm in his head, these days have been good for him. At the moment he’s doing very well, we have two sessions left, and today we have a double shift.” He’s already doing field work“.

One of the photos with Rojo’s work posted by Murillo (@cesarfutboxing)

“I just know we only have three training sessions left and then he’ll be back,” Morlo said. When they asked him if he would be able to make it to August 2 for the first leg National From Montevideo in the round of 16 of the Libertadores, the physical coach said: “I think so, now he should join the team“.

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They also worked with Murillo Paulo Dybala, Radamel Falcao And Juanver Quintero. is now red frames The one who hopes to be able to return with the aim of doing so in the first qualifying round of the Copa Libertadores.

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