Civil society associations are key to addressing social welfare challenges: Sissy Arellano

Thanks to the invitation of the Mipymes Coordination, headed by Miguel Ángel de la Rosa, Ceci Arellano held a successful event with civil society associations.

This event was an attempt to exchange points of agreement to achieve alliances for the benefit of the people of Puebla, with the aim of analyzing and designing joint strategies to confront current social challenges.

The meeting began with a welcome speech by Francisco Alvarez, President of the “Una Nueva Esperanza” association, giving way to a presentation on family values, where topics such as social inclusion and the promotion of values ​​at home were addressed.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Sissy Arellano spoke to the attendees about the importance of designing joint strategies to confront social challenges and paying attention to family integration.

This event demonstrates the influence of civil society organizations as an inspiration for rebuilding the social fabric.

Cissé reaffirmed her and her husband Alejandro Armenta’s commitment to civil society through training and creating spaces for inclusive dialogue.

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