Citizen Science Day in Educational Parks

The Estación Flores Educational Park was the scene of the first “Citizen Science Day: Rains in Cordoba”, a proposal to awaken scientific vocations in the city’s youth and produce collaborative knowledge

More than 35 students from the Regional Institute of Technical Education IPET 383 participated in a meeting to learn about rainfall and create environmental rain gauges to measure rainfall.

These actions fall outside the “Science and Technology Everywhere” project: talks, discussions, exhibitions, camps, production and publishing clubs, participatory citizen science projects, training trails and visits to places in the city.

“This initiative encourages collaborative learning, scientific literacy, as well as promoting environmental awareness which is vital to the future of our community.”said Education Minister Alicia La Terza.

For her part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social, Scientific and Technological Education, Eugenia Rotondi, confirmed that “These experiences also strengthen the relationship between the municipal educational system and our city’s universities, through interventions that promote new knowledge.”.

It is an initiative of the Scientific and Technological Promotion Programs Unit of the Undersecretary for Social, Scientific and Technological Education, in coordination with the “Rain in Cordoba” project of the UNC School of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, which in turn is supported by NatGeo.

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