Ciencia says goodbye to the year with victory over Cisneros (14-22)

Real Ciencias achieved a hard-fought victory over Complutense Cisneros 14-22 and enters the Christmas break at the top of the standings. The Sevilla team took advantage of the superiority of its attacking line to win a duel that initially seemed easier than it developed and in which the schoolboys held out until the last match.

The scientific square started to open the light, stepped on the local field and in the first local discipline Sebas Al-Shaer added three from a penalty kick. The game was sloppy on the part of both fifteen players, but the visitors’ attacking group was much better. Before a quarter of an hour had passed, Vallejo was shown a yellow card for repeated fouls and left his team temporarily lower. Played in the Local 22, the Scientific Rally repeatedly prevailed, with Koi Hogg’s first try converted by Sebas Poet.

The Madridists released the pressure and Sevilla’s indiscipline was resolved, allowing Cisneros to reduce the deficit with kicks and sticks. The scholars made a lot of mistakes and even with numerical superiority they could not control the match. It would be Manuel Gutierrez who converted another penalty shot to make it 9-10 at half-time.

In the second half, Ciencia built their victory strongly to hit. This is how the articles of Vicente del Hoyo and Nacho Salazar arrived. At the end of the match, far from giving up the lead on the scoreboard, the schoolboys gave a final push that Sevilla did not know how to control, and Miguel Pérez’s attempt came, making the final score 14-22, which the scholars won. They asked for a bonus point.

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Real Ciencias coach Manu Sobrino said at the end of the match that it was a “strong match.” “We were very out-of-touch in the set pieces, but on the outside we lacked the accuracy to complete many clear-cut scoring situations. We were left regretting missing out on the attacking bonus point in the last game, although in the end we lost.” “I am satisfied that we were able to end the year with victory in an always difficult stadium. Now we have a necessary break in the matches so that we can recover as many forces as possible for the next three matches in January, which are necessary to continue at the top of the table and even be able to reach the semi-finals of the Cup the king”. The most prominent coach of Sevilla.

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