“Chronomether Medal will remain in the Museum of Natural Sciences”

Lionel Mathieu, Cervecería Baum’s beer ambassador, said the brand has decided to take the medal it won at the 2021 Art Cervecero Cup to Museum of Natural Sciences in Mar del PlataKronomether beer was originally introduced.

“Since we made the display of beer in the museum, we have the idea that the medal they gave us, we also take to the museum and left there along with the diploma as an honor for the museum personnel. And in the future, when the visits come back, the people who visit the museum will see the can, and they can Scan the QR and see that the poster won a prize,” explains Mathieu. Currently, there are 500 cans of Kronomether for sale, distributed among different factories.

Regarding the Kronomether initiative, Matteo says: “It is a barrel project that started in 2018. The project consists of bringing the barrels to ripen on the sea floor, about 20 meters deep and home to three local breweries in Mar del Plata: Heller, La Paloma and Baume. In addition Mar del Plata diving school, Thalassa, which brought us the project for its implementation and also participated in the sinking of the barrels. ”

For the poster, they looked for a color palette that represented the colors of the deep sea. “Plus, at the time, we had an illustrator who did the whole process of designing, creating and illustrating what a diver is, since the main image of the poster is a diver going down to the sea with barrels. We try to use colors that stand out and contrast with the darkness that the poster has Green tints, meaning heavenly to represent the idea that it was under the sea,” explains Mathieu.

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“After what corresponds to the style of writing, the style of the name, which is called Kronomether, we searched for a typeface that would give the impression of a large enterprise with its own identity, and for this reason the word occupies the naming proportion. For those who do not know, Kronomether is the name of the ship where the barrels were up to five Or six years, it was decided to sink it. Within the project we sink the barrels and tie them to that ship,” he continues. “We also decided to include an insignia on the case, a QR code that, when scanned, takes you to more additional information: ship history, information about the production process, how the project was born, and additional videos and materials in multimedia format.”

The beer chosen for the glass was a strong, dark beer. “Beer is high in alcohol and has a dark copper color. I would say it has a flavor profile because those who have had it told us that it is similar to liquor, with more than 10% alcohol, and the beer is very strong,” says Mathieu. “The flavour itself, the main thing that comes out in the mouth is like well-presented liquor, the temperature of the mouth rises, but also when the beer is swallowed, the temperature of the throat and chest rises, which is why it is strong. It should not be taken as a white background, it should be enjoyed It also has caramel, chocolate and toffee flavors. It leans towards sweets because it is not present in hops from beer. Chocolate is a secondary descriptor. The main thing is alcohol, body, caramel and the feeling of warmth that beer conveys due to its high alcohol content.”

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