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BarcelonaWhen we talk about audiovisual stories about Christmas, we always think of movies, but on platforms we can also find soap operas and miniseries set at parties. If you are one of those who are always ready to feed your Christmas spirit, we pick some series that you can find on the platforms.

You don’t have to be a Marvel fan to enjoy this series that combines adventures and New York decorated to celebrate Christmas. Clint Barton, the real name of the superhero Hockey, is visiting the city with his three children, with whom he plans to spend a few days of fun and reward them for the time he did not spend with them. Everything rolls around until he meets Kate Bishop, a good house girl with great physical abilities that she has admired since she was a little girl. Due to various circumstances, their lives will be in danger and Clint will have to send his children home with the promise that he will arrive in time to celebrate Christmas together. Without a doubt, one of the reasons to watch the six-episode miniseries is actress Hailee Steinfeld, who as Kate Bishop shows off her brilliant comedic vision and charisma.

New Christmas Series on Netflix

As if French rapper C. Leila is one of her fiercest enemies, the journalist who heads up with her two best friends, Digital Simon, a feminist medium named after Simone de Beauvoir. Through a series of coincidences, Marcus and Lily meet at a shopping mall while buying Christmas gifts for their relatives. Their irreconcilable situations seem to be an insurmountable element for both of them in a relationship, but it is already known that Christmas is capable of the most unexpected miracles.

Christmas picture of

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In England, the most successful series is always Christmas special. This tradition is fulfilled with All creatures great and small, Television adaptation of the autobiographical novels by veterinarian James Heriot. The second season of this cozy series can currently be watched on Filmin, which has already announced that on Christmas Day the series’ special that will be broadcast the day before will premiere in the UK. If you need a very traditional TV birthday, this is a winning option.

novel hero

Things are not going well for Estian: a year ago his girlfriend left him and he was trying, without success, to have a singing career. The approach of Christmas makes him reduce all these problems: he is excited to spend the holidays in his hometown with his family, where everything is peace and harmony. When he arrives at his father’s house, things will be very different from what was expected, as he will discover that his brother Niklas’ new partner is his ex-girlfriend, a circumstance that will cause a family rift and set Bastian’s mood unending. . tracking. Despite it being a German production, don’t expect one of those TVE desktop movies. The quality is absolutely superior, the protagonist has charm and a soundtrack. Is there anything more Christmas than a German mountain town and wine?

Lily, the heroine of the series

Lily is a fan of Christmas, and Dash escapes any celebration like the plague. These two opposing poles will be linked by a red notebook that Lily leaves hidden in her favorite New York store (The Strand). In the notebook, Lily wrote a challenge hoping it would catch the attention of a worthwhile boy who would respond to her text. In this way, these two teens will start a kind of apostolic relationship that will lead them to desperately search for each other on the city streets. If you need sugar, you love romantic comedies and funky Christmas carols, Dash and Lily It is a good choice for vacation. Last year, it became an unexpected hit for Netflix, which renewed it for an ultimately unfulfilled second season. Shame!

No Johan, star

In this Norwegian comedy, Johan, a nurse, is tired of her family asking her about her love life. To avoid more awkward situations while celebrating Christmas, Johanne sets out to find her boyfriend around the clock through an app, a mission that will lead her to all kinds of disastrous dates. Although the starting point seems full of themes, Christmas at home It deviates from the usual course of such romantic comedies with heavy doses of satirical humor. The series has two seasons.

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