Chris Hemsworth refused to eat meat to record a scene from the movie “Thor” for this reason

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Natalie Portman Nearly a decade later, she returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play astrophysicist “Jane Foster” once again and turns the plot into a woman with the power of “Thor,” which brings her back to life. Chris Hemsworth.

In this new part of Taika Waititi, Kris had a great gesture with his co-star To record a scene in which they share a kiss. During an interview with Capital FM UK, the beautiful actress revealed that that day The famous actress avoided eating meat to kiss her because she is a vegetarian.

Speaking of this scene from the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder,” Natalie Portman He said that Chris’ gesture was very considerate, as she did not ask him to refrain from eating meat and his eating and life habits were still considered for making that decision.

“It’s really cool. The day we witnessed the kiss scene, he didn’t eat meat that morning because I’m a vegetarian. That was very thoughtful. This isn’t something I’m crazy about or interested in, but it was just a consideration. “He is a very nice person,” he said.

She joked that it was not an easy task for her. HemsworthIn addition to his physical training, he maintains his character for superhero movies by eating “meat like every half hour”.

Portman She became a vegetarian in 2011, so her diet excludes meat and animal products such as dairy, eggs, and honey. For this movie, like Hemsworth, he was asked, for the first time in his career, to gain weight and muscle.

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Before Chris nodded, fan reactions were immediate, praising the work of the “Thor” translator. “Chris Hemsworth raises a bar too high for other men.”

“Oh my God, this is so cute. He really is a wonderful person with a big and kind heart,” “Another day, another reason to love Chris Hemsworth,” “This is the sweetest thing I cry,” were some of the comments read in a video post.

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