Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal will star in Crime 101, a thriller that Amazon and Netflix are competing with.

Madrid, September 3 (Cultural Entertainment) –

Don Winslow is the author of Crime 101, a novella that would make the leap to the screen From the director’s hand Bart Layton. Everything indicates that the film will be his Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal as the heroesbut the production has not yet found a home.

According to Deadline, no deal has been finalized yet, however Hemsworth and Pascal showed interest in the project Before the Hollywood writers and actors strike began. The outlet also reports that Amazon and Netflix are vying for the rights to the film, a deal that could reach $100 million.

As Deadline notes“Amazon seems to have the advantage.” Because this is a deal with a UK-based production company, In principle, the strike will not affect the deal. The working title and true story will be the production companies behind the project.

“A series of high-profile jewelry robberies along the Pacific Coast Highway have remained unsolved for years.”This is mainly because the perpetrator followed a strict code that he calls “Crime 101”. Police attribute the robberies to Colombian gangs. but Detective Lou Lobsnick’s instinct tells him this is the work of one man.. “Now a lone jewel thief searches for that legendary final hit and Lou breaks all the rules of Crime 101,” Winslow’s official synopsis reads.

Pascal’s upcoming projects include the Gladiator sequeldirected by Ridley Scott and Two girls run awayBy Ethan Coen. For this part, Hemsworth will star in Furiosa, a spin-off of Mad Max: Fury Roadand in a biography of Hulk Hogan.

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