Chloe Kim, Winter Olympics queen who threw her gold medal in the trash: ‘I hated life’

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the 2022 Winter Olympics It starts on February 4th Beijing, China). With strict restrictions due to the new wave of pandemic COVID-19 And with some faces already starting to spread, as is the case with Chloe Kim.

Gold Medal Winner 2018 Winter Olympics in Sochi, in mode Half tube on ice, the athlete speaks ahead of time in Beijing After what time He dedicated his last cover to him. Kim confirmed in the interview that he came to hate life so much that he threw his gold medal in the trash at his parents’ house.

“I saw I couldn’t go quietly or to my favorite place; they started saying I was a borderline but it’s not, I’ve come from the most two months of my career and all I wanted was quiet and a ham and cheese sandwich..”, asserted the American.

TV knocked on their door. They even recreated a file Barbie doll With his picture and mentioned him also in Oscar Awards. A new star is born in United State. But this was not a gift to him. “He hated life,” Chloe Kim confirmed in the aforementioned post.

He tried to make a clean page. To do this, in 2019 he joined the prestigious Princeton University. He went to live on campus, but from the first moment he became a celebrity there. Asking for pictures of the rest of the students and feeling like the center of attention he wanted to avoid when he entered college.

victim of racism

On the other hand, the athlete suffered harsh racist assaults. At just 13 years old, he won the gold medal in X Games 2014. Then he uploaded a picture to his profile Instagram with the medal and began receiving racist messages: “I ended up crying to sleep over what must have been the happiest night of my life.”

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“She’s an evolution of everything she’s done,” said Chloe Kim who came forward that she had three new tricks ahead of the Winter Olympics.

Finally, I also remembered what happened Simone Biles through the past Olympic Games, which took place in the summer of 2021. “It was inspiring that someone would put it on the front line for an Olympic gold.”

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