Chivas: “Do not withdraw prestige”, the powerful message of Ricardo Pelaez

Ricardo PelayesSports Director chivasThey should be interested in history, and the prestige of the institution cannot be dragged, he said in an interview with TUDN USA, where the team will play a friendly match against FAS in El Salvador, and another match against Lion.

Marcelo Michel Leno will lead these matches, so that is expected to mean He will finish the tournament as Chivas coach.

The director talked about the moment in which the herd lives.

“It is up to us to nurture the prestige we have gained in more than 100 years In other words, we cannot go, carrying the shield of Guadalajara, dragging and trampling it, we have to defend and make our history, we have to offer fruits or results. The people who went through Chivas wrote a very rich and wonderful story and we should take care of it.”

He was emphatic in his speech to protect the legacy of Chivas. “We have to protect and augment it in every event that is presented as an institution.

“So people have to be calm, because we are going to give good teams, we are going to give very good players, we have a young team, and fortunately we have a very young team, which is in the process of stepping up and there are those who are also waiting for this opportunity.”

In the current Apertura 2021, the Chivas are 11th in the overall table with 14 points and have won only one of their last five matches.

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