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While 5G data transmission technology has begun to expand in different parts of the planet, China, which is already leading the development of the future 6G network worldwide, has set a new record for data transmission speed, according to the South China Morning Post medium.

In an experiment led by Professor Zhang Zhao, from the School of Aeronautical Engineering of Tsinghua University in Beijing, the researchers were able to transmit data at a speed of 1 terabyte per second and at a distance of one kilometer, far exceeding 5G technology, which can reach up to 20 gigabytes. per second.

Through the revolutionary technology of millimeter vortex waves, an extremely high-frequency radio waveform, the experimental radio communication line can transmit more than 10,000 high-definition videos simultaneously and live, according to specialists.

Towards a “new dimension”

Currently, smartphones use electromagnetic waves to create the connection. This information can be observed by the “up” and “down” peaks of these waves, which from a mathematical point of view have only two dimensions.

However, millimeter vortex waves have a three-dimensional shape, similar to that of a tornado. According to Zhao, millimeter vortex waves add a “new dimension to wireless transmission,” adding that experience indicates that China is “leading the world in the search for potential key technologies for 6G.”

The transmitter produced a smaller vortex

The research team realized that one of the main problems with these millimeter vortex waves is that their size increases with increasing distance, causing the signal to weaken, making it difficult to transmit data at high speeds.

To solve this problem, a single transmitter was used that produced a smaller vortex, causing the waves to rotate in three different modes to carry more information. In this way, the receiver can collect and decode a huge amount of data in just one second.

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“The most exciting thing is not only speed. It is about introducing a new physical dimension, which can lead to a whole new world with almost unlimited possibilities,” one of the researchers told Chinese media, who did not reveal his identity.

China is already preparing 6G in space

However, there is still a long way to go before 6G reaches the entire audience. The authorities and Chinese telecom companies, for the time being, are focusing their efforts on the 5G network. Initially, 6G will be used for military purposes, while its commercial use is planned for 2030.

China recently announced that it has sent its first 6G satellite into space. In the context of Chinese hypersonic weapons, researchers claimed to have developed a terahertz transmitter, also close to 6G technology.

In the global digital race, the United States, Japan and other countries are trying to invest in technology to counteract China’s advance. A Nikkei survey revealed that China holds more than 40% of 6G patent applications in the world, followed by the United States with 35%, Japan (10%), Europe (9%) and South Korea (4%)).

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