China’s rover Zorong provides the first images of Mars

The Rover Zhurong On Wednesday, China sent its first pictures MarsAfter landing on May 14, to begin exploring the surface of the Red Planet.

The The first picture This is an image from the Forward Obstacle Avoidance Camera, which shows the landing pad and the ramp of the vehicle that has gone down to the ground.

The second photo was taken by the Rover Zhurong , Where the vehicle body and the directional antenna can be seen.

Through the account on the Weibo social network of CLEP (China Lunar and Space Exploration Program), it was reported that the elapsed time to receive images is due to the need for the Tianwen 1 orbital mission, please allow a suitable transmission link with the Earth.

The Chinese Rover arrives at the Plain of Mars

Chinese Scout Vehicle Rover Zhurong It landed on the plain known as Utopia Planetia on Mars on Saturday, and is a successful mission China Of the three missions carried out on this planet, the other two come from the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

The probe and the rover separated from the Chinese Tianwen-1 spacecraft, which has been orbiting Mars since last February, and landed toward the red planet on Friday.

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About three hours later, the capsule containing the unit and the rover entered the atmosphere Mars At an altitude of 125 kilometers, the most dangerous stage of the mission begins.

When the capsule speed slows down, A large canopy of about 200 square meters was deployed To continue slowing down to 100 meters per second.

Ultimately, the parachute and outer shell of the capsule took off and the retrobe missile was activated to slow its speed to nearly zero and then choose a landing spot.

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