China mocks James Bond as he mocks US technology privacy concerns

Chinese state media downplayed US and UK concerns about technology privacy and security with a satirical film 0.07: No time to die of laughter.

The video posted on Twitter And YouTube on Tuesday appeared to target Western governments for blocking telecom giant Huawei from operating future 5G networks, among other measures taken by the United States and the United Kingdom against Beijing.

In the video released by the Chinese government-controlled Xinhua News Agency, a spy named “James Bond” or “0.07” and another named “Black Window” or “0.06” made contact with the spy. An American called “M”. “.

“M” tells “Pond” not to buy a Huawei phone because the two devices are a “Chinese backdoor”, and suggests that the two spies pull the “CIA approved” phones from under the table.

Bond and Black Window are surprised that M has admitted to tasking her with spying on Great Britain with “CIA-approved” phones.

The focus on Huawei and mobile technology was a clear indication of the announcement of US sanctions against Huawei in 2020.

It came amid allegations from the US that China had made clear a “well-organised, highly hierarchical and well-resourced effort to steal US and European intellectual property” and data, reportedly. NBC News.

While Huawei has denied these allegations, the UK government is in 2020 too Ads It would remove the Chinese tech giant from its future 5G network, in a decision Huawei said was “politically motivated and not based on a fair risk assessment”.

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom and the United States have also leveled criticism at Chinese tech companies such as TikTok for allegedly participating in the ruling Chinese Communist Party, although the social media platform also refutes the allegations.

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In a tweet for the four-minute parody, Xinhua said the video showed a “secret meeting” between MI6 agent 0.07 and the CIA after Richard Moore, head of MI6, emphasized that China was the agency’s top priority. Moments that tickle you…”

Moore, head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, said in november That China was responsible for “large-scale espionage operations” against the UK and other countries, and that the country had become MI6’s “top priority”.

China, which mocked the allegations, and Britain in its satirical video, responded at the time by saying that Moore was “trading in false news and false intelligence,” reportedly. Sky News.

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