China is betting on multilateralism to deal with climate change

When intervening via video link at the Summit on the topic (COP26) in Glasgow, the Chair also chose to focus on a green transition, mutual trust and cooperation based on consensus already reached, to ensure the success of the event.

He estimated that “the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement provided the basic legal basis for international cooperation in combating climate change.”

As he indicated, every individual must now fulfill his obligations, set truly workable goals and visions, and do what is possible according to national conditions to enhance the implementation of his measures in the face of this phenomenon.

He stressed the responsibility of developed countries and called on them to provide more support to poor countries so that they can achieve their environmental goals.

Xi also considered it appropriate to take advantage of innovations in science and technology in order to promote the modernization of the energy and resource sectors, as well as the industrial structure and consumption pattern.

He also stressed that China will maintain environmental conservation as a priority, continue on the path of green and low-carbon development, and promote adjustments in the industrial structure to stop polluting projects.


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