China condemns the attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the security of the diplomatic community is safeguarded, and Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity must be respected.

He stressed, “At a time when the situation in the Middle East has become unstable, we oppose any action that leads to escalation of tensions.”

According to Syrian media, the Zionist attack caused damage the previous day to the residence of the Persian ambassador, who was unharmed along with all the diplomats.

Two powerful explosions were heard throughout the capital as a result of the Israeli aggression, while air defenses were activated to intercept the projectiles.

The attack comes 24 hours after a missile attack on sites around the capital, in which two civilians were injured.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged the UN Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities and stop such attacks.

Indeed, Resolution 2728 recently adopted by this body unequivocally calls for a ceasefire and the lifting of all barriers to the provision of widespread humanitarian assistance in Gaza.


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